07. 06. at 9.00PM    NEVER  ALLone  (HR)  |  Zagreb Dance Centre   

… the choreographic journey the artists embarks on is treated as a personal time machine that allows her to reflec and reimagine her past and her future – the space that she visits most frequently and where she remains most. This time the journey is now commencing with use of technology. 

Choreographer: Matea Bilosnić | Performers: Matea Bilosnić & Nataša Kustura | Dramaturgist: Nikolina Rafaj | Music: Nikola Krgović N/OBE | Set and Visual Identity: Josip Kresović | Costume Design: Ana Fucijaš | Lighting Designer : DSaša Fistrić | Robotics: Vedran Relja |

Coproduction: Matea Bilosnić, Zadarski plesni ansambl (ZdPA), Hrvatski institut za pokret i ples (HIPP) kroz Tjedan suvremenog plesa (TSP) & ZPC

10.06 at 8.00PM      ARMS THAT NEVER KNEW ME (SI) |  Zagreb Dance Centre

…in the intersection of current times and the endless possibilities offered to through dance, where in  the past, present and future connect into an infinite knot without beginning nor end.  The performance is a poetic journey within which Tomasik’s unique performative qualities shine and are woven through multiples tht arise through collaboration but also collision of sound, set, lights creating a collective body within which Tao sources strength in the sound, but also finds potential in silence… revealing the volatile thread between what is and all that coule be. 

Artistic Direction: Charlie Brittain (UK) & Milan Tomášik (SK/SI)  |  Performer: Milan Tomášik  |  Original Music: Jakub Mudrák, Eduardo Raon  |  Lighting Design: David Cvelbar, Janko Čief  |  Set and Costumes: Design Jasna Vastl  |  Photography and Visuals: Andi Bančić  | Set Photography: Vladimír Veverka 

Producer: Flota, zavod, Murska Sobota (SI) |  Coproducer: Cankarjev dom, Flota, Ljubljana (SI)


11. i 12. 06. 8.00PM  VIS MOTRIX – Cocoon Dance (D) | Zagrebački plesni centar

…. through the wonderous world that the dancers creat emerge fascinating beings, of extraordinary endurance, and with magnificent ease… Dancers emerge from another distant world,  they move through space creating a hypnotic atmosphere that does not allow us to relax nor to be indifferent… Hypnotic intelligence in movement…   


Choreography: Rafaële Giovanola  | Performers:  Fa-Hsuan Chen/ Martina De Dominicis/ Tanja Marín Friðjónsdóttir/ Anna Kempin/ Susanne Schneider/ Marie Viennot  |  Dramaturgical concept: Rainald Endraß  |  Composition, Sound: Franco Mento  |  Light, Space: Gregor Glogowski  |  Costumes: CocoonDance

The performance in Zagreb is made possible through the support of the NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ International Guest Performance Fund for Dance, which is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.


12. 06. 8.00PM   GENTLE UNICORN   (I) | Croatian Cultural Centre, Rijeka

…a poetic research, a reflection on the origins and symbolism of the mythological unicorn, as Chiara Bersani presents us with the magical world of its existance, revealing the power and beauty of the political body in action …   

Creation and Action: Chiara Bersani  | Sound: F. De Isabella  |  Lighting Design and Technical Director: Valeria Foti  |  Stage Manager: Paolo Tizianel  | Dramaturgy Consultants: Luca Poncetta, Gaia Clotilde Chernetih  |  Trener: Marta Ciappina  |  Artistic Consultant : Marco D’Agostin


The performance is made possible through partnership with Festival of Inclusion, Rijeka.   

13.06. 8.00PM   CHOREOMANIACS , Tangaj Collective (RO) | Zagreb Dance Centre

… a performative docufiction, nominated performance for Europe’s largest dance platform Aerowaves 2022, chronologically follows  the mass, dystopian event that fell upon the city of Strasbourg in 1518, and which infected hundreds.  Through use of humor, Simona Deaconescu reflects on the way dance is perceived, starting with the often clumsily recorded witness statements, to declarative truths. And, if you think that fake news is just an occurrence in current times, Choreomaniacs asks that you reconsider the mideival so called scientific perspectives…, 

Choreography and Dramaturgy: Simona Deaconescu  |  Performers: Vera Cirlugea, Adrian Popita, Robert Popa, Diana Dragu, Laura Murariu  |  Music: Vlaicu Golcea  |  Lighting Design: Alexandros Raptis 

Producer: National Dance Centre, Bucharest. The project is cofunded by the National Cultural Fund as part of the serial “Dance Me to the End of… (exercises, approaches, departures,)”.  The project does not reflect the beliefs of the National Cultural Fund. The National Cultural Fund is not responsible regarding the content of the project nor its distribution.  .   


14.06. 8.00PM O FUTURO É ANCESTRAL, Sinequanon Arts  (FR) | Zagrebački plesni centar

an exhibition in movement, an ode and an appeal for us to slow down…The weight of the concrete is a metaphor for our civilisation and our colonial past, and emphasizes human fragility, while Shiburi ritual invites us into solidarity among people, against the disintegration of  society…  The resulting experience is intense, and also additionally highlighted through the close proximit of all engaging in this highly aestheticized experiental journeying….  .  Christophe Béranger and  Jonathan Pranlas-Descours,   “ choreographers of materials”  once again create one of  their hybrid, political reflections rooted in the queer expression, and underscoring the contradiction of today’s world, the changes, utopian but deeply embedded in our consciousness, a creation that embodies the contractions of the world we live in…

Concept: Christophehe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours (FR)  | |Visual arts collaborator:   Fabio Motta (BR)  |  Performers: Christophe Béranger, Jonathan Pranlas-Descours, Felipe Vian Fabio Motta  |  Music: Julia Suero (AR)  | Dramaturgist: Georgina Kakoudaki (GR)

O FUTURO É ANCESTRAL is laureate of the first edition of “Cruzamentos” festival (2022.), taking place through the network of the  Alliances Françaises in  Brasil in collaboration with    Chaillot Théâtre national de la Danse (Paris, France) and MC2: Maison de la Culture de Grenoble (Grenoble, France)  in collaboration with  Funarte (Brasil); Finalists at Arte Laguna, Venice, Italy (2023.).


Choreographic workshops for professional dancers 10.00 AM to 1.00PM at Zagreb Dance Centre during the Festival are free with the presentation of a ticket purchased for a  Festival performance. Registration by email is free but required> hipptsp@gmail.com 

11.06. Milan  Tomasik: Poetic Body |  12.06. Rafaële Giovanola: Unthought Body |  13.06. Simona Deaconescu  video, VR, film i ples 


10. 06. u 1.00 PM  Zagreb Dance Centre:    Natalia Medina, Artistic and Founding Director of Natalia Medina, of MasDanza Festivala in Spaine, Gran Canaria, one of the largest in Europe, will introduce the festival and its unique choreographic competition for emergent choreographers. She is eager to learn and connect to Croatian dance practitioners. Natalia Medina and Masdanza Festival is associate partner with EU project Moving Balkans.    

10.06  6.00PM Zagrebački plesni centar: presentation of EU project Moving Balkans. Network of 11 dance organizations through collaborative actions strengthen connectivity among artists in the region with European counterparts, raising awareness for productions made by artists working in the region. Actions include exchanges, coproductions, festival collaboration, workshops and other activities. 


Tickets for the Festival performances are avaiable for purchase  : entrio.hr